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Early 1970's some VW-customers wondered whether it would be possible for Volkswagen to manufacture a sports-/rally-beetle. Mr. Nordhoff and Mr. Lotz never fulfilled this wish. Around Christmas 1972 however Mr. Leiding proved that an electronical managed mass-productionline was very well capable of producing a limited amount of special cars. The result was: the "Gelb-Schwarzer Renner" (GSR) or "Yellow-Black Racer".

As a base the 1303S Beetle was used. This model is the most evolved version of this famous car. It has the panorama windscreen, big taillights, MacPherson front-suspension, disc-brakes at the front, a 1600cc engine and long-ratio gearing. The car was completely built according the wishes of the sportfans from that period. The GSR has got a striking yellow paint, but is detailed with black parts; like the front-hood and back-lid, vent-window frames, trim, bumpers, etc. However, the headlight-rings,  the outside mirros and some other parts were chromed (probably because of production-technical reasons). On the inside the GSR is just as sporty. The interior consists of  specially designed sportseats, a fire-extinguisher and a special steering-wheel. Furthermore the GSR was fitted with wide sport wheels (5.5Jx15xET+26). In this "outfit" the GSR's left the VW-factory in the last two weeks of 1972.

When a GSR was purchased a list of reknown VW-tuning-firms was also delivered. This way even better performance came in reach for the wanna-be-racer.

In total 3500 GSR's were produced, solely for the German market. Now, after 30 years, some collectors state that there are only 100 GSR's left. In the Netherlands there are about 11 GSR's.

Note: A Sportsbug was available for the U.S.-market (see GSR pictures directory). It had the same striking yellow-paint, but the front-hood and the back-lid were painted yellow just like the rest of the car.



Below you find a listing of the specifications as published in December 1972.

Serialnr's.: 133 2 199 639  until 133 3 200 000
Typ nr.: 135031-262637 102/559/714
Enginenr.: AD ... ..., 1,6 litre, 50 Hp
Gearboxnr.: AT .. .12.72
Colournr.: L13M Saturngelb
Colournr.: L41 Mattschwarz
Extra's: 102 / 559 /714
Built between: 12-12-1972 and 02-02-1973
Price VW 1303S standard (1972): DM 6.890,-
Price VW 1303S GSR (1972): DM 7.650,-
Standard 1303  S body


front panel with vents (like US-cars) for additional oil cooler
Standard 1303  S chassis
Frontwheel suspension: Independent McPherson
Backwheel suspension: Independent torsion with springplates
Brake system: Front disc brakes, drums on the rear
Wheels: Sport wheels 5.5Jx15xET+26
Tyres: 175/70 HR 15

Flat door-panels (without bags)

VW sport steering-wheel

  Options (original-VW) Part number
H4 Halogen replacement: 000 052 151
Mist light-set: 000 053 081
Seek light: 000 053 252 A
Read lamp: 000 053 413
Double-tone horn: 000 054 052 B
Clock: 000 054 181
Ampère-meter: 000 054 202
Tacho-meter: 000 054 404
Sport shifter: 000 064 231 B
Dirt catcher: 000 075 008
Fire-extinguisher: 000 093 203 / 000 093 204
Security belts: 111 898 151
Strenghtened shock absorbers: 113 412 031 E
Strenghtened shock absorbers: 113 513 035
Console: x
VW-radio: choice

  Tuning firms

Autohaus Binder
Firma Theo Decker Essen
Münchner Automobil-Handel
Autohaus Kaufmann OHG
Firma Heinrich Müller
Autohaus Nordstadt
Ing. Bernd Riechert
Odenwälder Präzisionswerk
Firma Eicke Stolp